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How to Use a Bull Float

  • Estimate the distance across
    the slab and connect the
    number of handles that are
    needed to reach to the other

  • Test the bull float off the slab
    and make sure that it is
    maneuverable with the
    selected handle length. In
    order to reach across a
    concrete slab a 10' to 20'
    handle length is common.

  • After striking off or screeding
    the newly poured concrete,
    you will have small highs and
    lows that will need work.
    then back to the other side keeping the
    handle steady, and let the bull float do
    the work.

  • Now that the concrete is firm, go back
    and forth over the slab until it is level
    and smooth but try not to exceed three
    to four passes with the Bull Float.

  • Wash off the float as soon as possible
    so the fresh concrete does not stick to
    the tool and move on to the next step of
    the finishing process.
  • Start floating immediately after
    screeding or when the
    concrete is firm enough to
    support the weight of the float.
    Put the bull float on the edge
    of the concrete and slide it
    forward across the slab. Keep
    the leading edge lifted so that
    it tilts up slightly. If the float
    sinks into the soft concrete
    you should wait a couple of
    minutes and try it again.

  • Raise or lower the handle to
    keep the leading edge slightly
    above the surface. This angle
    puts most of the pressure on
    the trailing edge and keeps
    the forward edge from digging
    into the concrete.

  • Go slowly to keep it under
    control and avoid bouncing or
    digging in.

  • Overlap the previously floated
    surface by a few inches each
    time you push the float across
    the slab.

  • Once you are done with the
    first pass, go over it again
    after the concrete has become
    a little more firm. The
    repeating of this process will
    level and push the aggregates
    down below the surface. Move
    back and forth from one side
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