Here you will find an easy way to buy a bull float, get it shipped directly to your front
door and learn how to float a concrete slab. Select from magnesium, wood, steel and
laminated float types for the professional concrete finisher.
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The purpose of floating is to embed the coarse aggregate particles, remove surface imperfections such as ridges, create a
smooth surface, and bring some mortar to the surface. Floating also cuts down high spots and fills holes as well as
re-establishes the moisture in the surface that was lost to evaporation.
While Bull Floats are primarily available in wood, aluminum, steel and magnesium, the most popular are made of
magnesium. This is because magnesium bullfloats are extremely durable and easily slide across the surface. Wood floats
are rougher and typically limited to floating non air entrained concretes.
Most float types are available in a variety of lengths and bracket designs. When you are building floor slabs and installing
concrete flat work it is important to have the right tools. As you probably already know, having the right tools can make
your concrete construction project a little bit easier.
42" Kraft Magnesium Bull Float with Round Ends $113.50
Kraft Magnesium Bull Float with Square Ends
Laminated Wood Bull Float with Square Ends
Laminated Canvas Resin
with Round Ends
EZY-Tilt II Bull Float Bracket $71.50
Orbiter Bull Float Bracket $66.50
60" Big "D"Blue Steel Float $214.00
Threaded Magnesium Handles
Aluminum Button Handles
Threaded Bull Float Bracket $31.00
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